S. California

We are planning to visit California and to drive ourselves around when we arrive! The plan is to land in LA, spend three nights ex...more


Welcome to our Honeymoon Gift List! Your presence at our wedding really is gift enough for us, and us such there really is no obligation to give anything more than that! For those wishing to give a present though, your gift toward our honeymoon really is hugely appreciated. As you will know, we spend any breaks that we have in our campervan, but both dream of a special trip to America for our Honeymoon!


We can't wait for a couple of weeks of sun and adventure! There are a few things we would love to do while we're there and as we have most things we need for the house we thought it would be lovely if our friends and family could contribute to our honeymoon memories. Have a look at our list of hopes and dreams for the trip, and if you wish to contribute to a specific activity we will be sure to share our photos and memories with you on our return :)

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Contact Becki via e-mail or via phone at 07857221633.

Our Gift List

Scenic Drive up the Coast

We’ll rent a convertible in San Diego for our drive up the coast to Los Angeles!


4 remaining

Private Poolside Cabana

A romantic spot of shade from the Southern California sun!


2 remaining

Helicopter Tour!

We’ll get a view of the beautiful Southern California coast and the city of Los Angeles

Gift Fulfilled!

Gift Certificate

Tell us what you would do :)


13 remaining

Day at Disneyland

We’ll spend a whole day the original Disneyland


2 remaining

Santa Monica Pier

The Pier awaits! Carnival rides, cotton candy, shopping and sun!

Gift Fulfilled!


Fruity drinks in our cabana

Gift Fulfilled!


500 miles of airfare


3 remaining


Champagne and strawberries in our suite

Gift Fulfilled!


Romantic dinner at a lovely restaurant

Gift Fulfilled!


A day of fun at the famous Theme Park!

Gift Fulfilled!

Universal Studios

A day enjoying the thrills and spills at Universal Studios!

Gift Fulfilled!

San Francisco City Tour

Gift Fulfilled!

Trio to Alcatraz

Home from home for Becki! ;)

Gift Fulfilled!

San Francisco Harbour Cruise

Gift Fulfilled!

Yosemite Big Tree Tram Tour

Gift Fulfilled!

Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride

Gift Fulfilled!

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S. California

We are planning to visit California and to drive ourselves around when we arrive! The plan is to land in LA, spend three nights exploring there, then travel up the coast toward San Francisco, stopping for a night at Morro Bay on the way. We will spend three nights in San Francisco before heading to Yosemite and exploring the national park. We will then drive on to The Grand Canyon, before heading on to visit Las Vegas for three days! After 5 years of camper-vanning - this really will be a trip of a lifetime :)