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Weddings are fun and wedding gifts should be, too.

That’s why we started Honeyfund, to offer modern couples a fresh online wedding registry that reflects what they really want, extraordinary experiences. As the world’s best honeymoon and cash registry, we’ve helped nearly a million couples make their dreams a reality.

Since 2006

Honeyfund has helped couples raise more than


making Honeyfund the best cash wedding registry site online.

By using Honeyfund, guests offer a unique opportunity for you, the couple, to enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams, fund the down payment on your first home, or just have some fun! Without accumulating more things. We can help you raise money in order to visit exotic destinations, complete home renovations, and everything in between. Regardless of what you want for your new lives together, we can help you raise the money to get there. And the best part? It’s a lot more fun for your wedding guests, and you get the cash!

How it All Started

We didn’t set out to be the best wedding registry site

It just happened that way!

We wanted an easy way for couples to raise money toward their dream honeymoon as a wedding gift. Too many couples go without a honeymoon because they lack the funds to get there after an expensive wedding. Our goal was to change that, by making it easy for guests to give a unique gift for the couple’s big day. And couples avoided the hassle of returning extra toasters and bed sheets.

It was a huge success!

Couple sitting on a mountain looking at a lake

Now you can turn your wedding registry into a

Fantastic Honeymoon!

… Or a down payment for your home, or whatever you dream of, without the awkwardness of asking your friends and family members for money.

Couple sitting on a mountain looking at a lake

See for Yourself

It only takes a few simple steps to have your honeyfund page up and running

  1. Open your Honeyfund Account
  2. Setup your bank account so you can get cash
  3. Do you see a gift card you like from our options? Add it to your Honeyfund! (Yes, you can get cash AND gift cards.)
  4. Enjoy a beautiful experience!

It’s simple. Guests visit your honeyfund page, choose their favorite gift, and send their contribution directly to you for your own use. Guests that don’t want to show up empty-handed can also bring a printed gift certificate on your wedding day. It’s a simple solution that makes giving fun and ensures the bride and groom get exactly what they want.

Our easy online service puts an end to returning unwanted items for store credit you’ll never use. Choose Honeyfund, the internet’s best online wedding registry, and start the rest of your life together by making your dreams come true!

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Couple sitting on a mountain looking at a lake